jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

El Salvador Gotico Vol. 5 - As Dark As Yesterday

01-King of Misery (Draconian Incubus)
02-Gothic Girl (The 69 Eyes)
03-Boys Don´t Cry (The Cure)
04-Temple of Love(The Sisters of Mercy)
05-Tenebre(Madre del Vicio)
06-Romeos´s Distress(Christian Death)
07-Nasty Cloud(The Breath of Life)
08-Shadow(Rosetta Stone)
09-Severina(The Mission UK)
10-The Attic(La Peste Negra)
11-La Pythie Demente(Deadchovsky)
14-Thought Of Angels(Curious)
15-Cauchemars Blafards(Exces Nocturne)
16-The Light (Martyr's Song)(Reptyle)
17-The Night(Skeletal Family)
18-Resurrection(Brotherhood of Pagan)
19-Walk Alone(Joy Disaster)
20-Sonsisas Fabricadas(Euroshima)

Parte 1

Parte 2

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