lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

Calm Gothic - Ot otch solatso elsop

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strange_child dijo...

Qué tal colega !

El puro nombre del disco ya hizo que me dieran ganas de bajarlo ..jejeje.
¿O quizás la foto de ella ? je

Saludos ! y los espero en mi blog .

Absinthine FietichisticNeyasniyseks La FolieVerte dijo...

It's one of the most subjugating hauntings that I've had the rapture to fall in. The voice is full of arcaism, and have the versatile intensity of a broken organ; one thinks in a broken organ singing inside a forgotten cathedral sorrounded by other vampires called instruments rendering their voices to the darkest atmosphere. The more violent songs makes the (bovedas) tremble with a sugestive beautiful distress, and, sometimes, the sudden voice of a violin or other comes through like a cat sliding infront the Moon, which misteriously caresses its black hair while its deep eyes shatter....

I'm sure their other albums are as great as this. Can you get Three Abstraction Of My Reason?