domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

Manufactura - In The Company in Wolves

01. Name Of The Offender (featuring - Terrorfakt) (7:19)
02. Hollywood Babylon (6:11)
03. Cut By Loving Hands (Broken Fabiola Mix) (5:25)
04. Sex & Suicide (This Is What You Need Mix By Combichrist) (7:10)
05. Canto Gypsy (Displacer Mix) (4:13)
06. Die For Me (Ultimate Sacrifice Mix By Converter) (6:11)
07. The Betrayal (Why Don't You Just Kill Yourself Mix By C/A/T) (4:51)
08. God Damn The Sun (Swans Tribute, featuring - The Operative) (4:24)
09. Control.Domination.Response (The One And Only Dominator Mix By Caustic) (4:15)
10. A Killer (Destino Final Mix By Erk Aicraig) (6:02)
11. A Woman Scorned (A Woman Torn Mix By Victo Ecret) (7:47)
12. Deep Waters (Opheila's Descent Mix By I:Scintilla Vs. Destroid) (5:29)
13. You're Fucking Worthless (Full Contact Mix) (6:52)

Parte 1

Parte 2

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