jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2007

Emilie Autumn - Your sugar sits untouchable

"The day You Love"
"At what point does a shakespeare says"
"Blackbird Sonnets"
"Ghost""How to break a heart"
"Rant 1"
"In Praise Of Cyrano"
"So many fools"
"The ballad of mushroom down"
"The one"
"Alas (The knight)"
"A letter from a friend"
"Please to the Dying"
"Everybody's girl"
"Homesick sonnets"
"Rant II"
"Little boy"
"Smirking girl"
"Try my best"
"Near Than You"
"The muse"
"The Music I hears once"
"If you could only know"
"Funny how things change"
"I didn't mean you"
"By the sword"
"If you feel better"
"Two masks"
"What Right have I"
"I cried for you"
"Rapunzel sonnets"
"Never tasted tears"
"Jump the track""On artistic integruty"


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Karen dijo...

Hola, qué tal disculpen las molestias pero parece ser que el archivo ya no está disponible,gracias.